Developing Elite Sales Performers


Developing sales expertise is not an event but an activity. As such, elite sales performers are constantly studying their craft and keeping abreast of contemporary market practices and trends.


What is Quota®?

Quota® is an innovative and effective Sales Training System. It teaches sales people about business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales cycles in a fun, interactive and game-based way. The training is led by experienced coaches with proven histories of sales performance.

Why Quota®?

If you are running a business with sales teams between 1 and 200 individuals, then providing sales training is a must. But which program? Good programs are very expensive to deliver and maintain. I know, as I have selected, coached and maintained many of the industry leading offerings.

Quota® is a highly cost-effective, fun and flexible sales system.  Small teams can attend our public sessions. Larger groups can be trained in-house. The program builds into a complete sales suite to support sales management and skill retention.

What makes Quota® different?

Quota® has 6 distinguishing characteristics that puts us in a unique position:

1. We use Game Pedagogy (game-based training) to create a unique learning experience;

2. We advocate learning in ‘bite-sized chunks’;

3. Management feedback and coaching is critical to creating Elite Sales Performers;

4. We link all aspects of our programs into a comprehensive system….including our    software tracking;

5. Reinforcement is as important as classroom experience;

6. Our coaches are sales executives & leaders that bring real-world experience to every Quota® experience.


What competencies does the Quota® Sales Training System cover?

There are over 40 Professional Sales Competencies covered by the Quota® game including:

  • B2B Sales Cycle Training
  • Essential Selling Skills
  • Prospecting
  • Forecasting
  • Selling to Committees
  • Competitive Selling Practices
  • Account Development
  • Team Building


Quota® – The Sales Performance Game

The Quota®  Sales System has been developed from over 30 years of field experience and training industry best practices. The game is a fun, interactive and competitive experience that teaches players about business-to-business sales cycles. Each player develops critical sales skills and knowledge while playing the game and having fun!


Is Your Whole Team Meeting its Quota!


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